1964 Born in Hai Phong
1990 Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art College
1990-1995 Participated in Vietnamese National Fine Art Exhibitions.
1993 Group show at Hang Bai Exhibition House Hanoi, Vietnam
1994 Group show at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Association
Group show in China.
1995 “Fresh Paints” in Hanoi
1996 Group show in France, Singapore
”Vietnam Contemporary Arts”, Japan
”The Year of the Dragon”, Hanoi
1997 “Vietnam Express: Contemporary Art from Vietnam”, Washington D.C, USA
“Hanoi Contemporary Arts”, Japan.
“All the Rivers Are Running – Contemporary Art of Vietnam”, “Portrait Exhibition”, Hanoi
1998 Group show at Alliance Françoise, Singapore
”Spellbound” Thailand,
“With Heart & Soul & Mind”, USA
”International Festival of Arts”, Korea
1999-2000 Exhibition in Hanoi, Singapore, London, Japan and Thailand
2001 “Contemporary Artists Vietnam – Part I”, Malaysia.
Exhibition in Chiang Mai, Thailand,” Separate Paths” in Hanoi
2002 “Contemporary Artists Vietnam – Part II”, Malaysia.
“Where the Rivers Meet”, Luxembourg and Belgium
”Vietnamese Beauties”, Thailand
2009 Group exhibition at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon hotel organized by Ben Thanh Art & Frame and Galerie Nguyen
2013 Exhibition “Expression and Reflection” in Singapore, organized by Galerie Nguyen.
Participation at the Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCMC.
1997 “Realistic & Illusionary World in Dinh Quan’s Art”, Hanoi
1999 Exhibition in Hanoi
2000 “Red Dreams”, Hanoi
Vietnamese Lacquer Paintings in USA
2002 Exhibition in Thailand; Exhibition Vietnam Fine Art Museum in Hanoi
2004 The New Adventure of Dinh Quan in Hanoi
Dinh Quan – Lacquer Paintings, Thailand
1993 Third Prize in the Most Excellent Works of the Vietnam Association of Plastic Artists
1995/td> Prize in Vietnamese National Fine Art Exhibitions

Vietnam Fine Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum

National Art Gallery Malaysia


Lotus – Lacquer on wood
120 x 160cm
2018 – Available

Autumn’ stone – Lacquer on wood
100 x 200cm
2018 – Available

Pink lotus – Lacquer on wood
120 x 254cm
2018 – Available

Artist under moon night – Lacquer on wood
160 x 245cm
2018 – Available

Spring – Lacquer on wood
122 x 160cm
2018 – Available

Golden lotus – Lacquer on wood
122 x 256cm
2018 – Available

Artist under moon night – Lacquer on wood
122 x 180cm
2018 – Available