1954 Born in Hanoi Graduated from Hanoi Teacher’s Training College. An autodidact in Fine Arts Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association Member of Hanoi Fine Arts Association A Specialist in Oil Paintings
2014 Solo exhibition “Pham Luan – Sunshine” opens at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in February in Hanoi. The show continues at George Billis Gallery in New York in April
2011 Solo exhibition “Pham Luan’s Vietnam” opens at Citicorp Building, New York in March. Solo exhibition “Hanoi – Lights On” opens at Apricot Gallery (UK) in November in London.
2010 Participates in group exhibition “Genesis” at Apricot Gallery UK in London.
2009 Exhibits paintings at Glasgow Art Fair ‘ 09 at George Square, Glasgow (Scotland).
2008 Joins group exhibition “Two Contemporary Vietnamese Artists” at Art Sydney ‘ 08 at Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney (Australia). Participates in group exhibition ‘Merging The Best of East and West” at Limkokwing University in London (UK)
2007 Thavibu Gallery presents solo exhibition “Impressions from Hanoi” in Bangkok (Thailand) in April. Galerie La Vong opens solo exhibition “Sunshine in Hanoi” at Exchange Square, Hong Kong. Solo exhibition “Pham Luan – From Hanoi to Bow Bridge” opens at Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery in New York. Participates in group exhibition ‘Good Morning Vietnam, Good Morning Korea” at Gallery Areum, Korea Foundation Cultural Centre in Seoul (Korea).
2006 Solo exhibition “Pham Luan’s Vietnam” opens at Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottdale, Arizona (USA).
2005 Solo exhibition “Here and There: Pham Luan’s Paintings of Hanoi and New York” is held at Gelabert Studios gallery in New York.
2004 Solo exhibition “Pham Luan’s Vietnam” opens at Gelabert Studios Gallery in New York.
2003 Solo exhibition “Venice – Through the Eyes of Pham Luan” is presented at Galerie La Vong – Hong Kong. Solo exhibition ‘Autumn Memories: Pham Luan’s Paintings of Hanoi and Beyond’ opens at Arndean Gallery on Cork Street in September in London. The show then continues at Kismet Gallery in New York.
2002 Galerie La Vong presents solo exhibition “Hanoi Enchantment – Pham Luan” at China Club, Hong Kong. Participates in group exhibition “Where The Rivers Meet”, organized by Red River Gallery in Brussels and Luxemburg.
2001 Solo exhibition “Pham Luan’s Hanoi” opens at Eastern Gallery in Chicago ans at an Open House in New York.
2000 Galerie La Vong and Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C. presents solo exhibition “Splendour of Hanoi – Pham Luan” at China Club, Hong Kong.
1999 Solo exhibition “The Aesthetics of Pham Luan” is presented by Galerie La Vong in Hong Kong. Featured in group exhibition “Poetic Reflection – Contemporary Vietnamese Paintings” at Landon Gallery in New York (USA) and Eastern Gallery in Chicago (USA).
1997 Solo exhibition “Hanoi – One Day” opens at Nam Son Gallery in Hanoi.
1994 Second solo exhibition opens at the Exhibition House of Vietnam Fine Arts Association, Hanoi.
1991 First solo exhibition “Hanoi – 36 Streets”, Hanoi


Co Ngu Road
110 x 130cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Available

Pulling in Fishing Nets
172 x 192 cm – Oil on canvas
2012 – Sold

Hang Dao street
80 x 100cm – Oil on canvas
2018 – Available

Riverside flower village
100 x 150cm – Oil on canvas
2018 – Sold

Lily pond
110 x 130cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Sold

Sunny street
172 x 192cm – Oil on canvas
2013 – Available