Artist DANG MANH HAAncient culture

Ancient culture - 40x80cm- Lacquer on wood


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Succeeded by love and passion of art from his father - Painter Dang Xuan Hanh, young artist Dang Manh Ha are increasingly asserted talent, his unit in each painting, also confirmed lacquer works is the language of old traditional materials that he wants to follow.
1999graduated from the Central Art Music Pedagogy College to become teachers at the Art College of Fine Arts in Hanoi, then with love and passion for the subject of traditional lacquer, Dang Manh Ha has become a professional artist, particular in lacquer work.
In an article by the British author of Germany's first exhibition Dang Manh Ha in Hanoi in 2004, authors cited a review of the artist Trinh Sinh Nha about the works of Dang Manh Ha as follows: "Dang Manh Ha has expressed strong on traditional lacquer material with colors gold, red, black, wings pasted skillfully combines the fluent incrusting of eggs shell, style layout on flat space and filled his standing, character and people in his paintings are naive. "

As painter Trinh Sinh Nha said "innocent character in people of Dang Manh Ha’ paintings", that is the "natural innocence and soul" of the woman highlands, the women of ethnic “Thai”, “Red Dao” “Hmong” people ... full of life. And there is also inspiration, style, a highlight in the works of Dang Manh Ha mainly with themes of life, living, and portrait of ethnic minorities in northern Vietnam.
Among the value works by Dang Manh Ha, that including the painting named "Dinner" is on display at art auction and got the high price and were bid by many audiences in 2007. And numbers of his works were highly valued by collectors and collections from galleries or from the auctions, exhibitions and abroads.
Many other works by Dang Manh Ha as "Portrait of ethnic minority girls," "Joy to the market", "enjoy in nature" ... are professionals who love and appreciate paintings. Others are stored in private collections in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, France, USA..

1999               Student’ exhibition of the Central Art Music Pedagogy College.
2003               Student’ exhibition of Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University
2004              ”Simple and Romantic “Exhibition
2005               ”Mother’s Sun” Exhibition Lacquer Painting
2006               ”Portrait of Minority Girls” is the lacquer exhibition of young artist Dang Manh Ha.
2006               Participation at the Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCMC.
2008               Exhibition in Malaysia.
2008               Participation at the Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCMC.
2009               Exhibition at An An Gallery, HCMC
2009               Group exhibition at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon hotel and Galerie Nguyen
2010               Participation at the Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCMC
2011               Participation at the Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCMC
2013               Exhibition “Life, Colors and purity”  in Singapore, organized by Galerie Nguyen.

A couple - 40x80cm- Lacquer on wood


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