1984 Born in Hanoi, Nguyen Hai Anh joined and graduated from Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University in 2011.


He is one of the outstanding of young 8X Vietnamese artists to follow modern contemporary concept. It is no coincidence that he got the second prize painters of young south central region organized by the fine arts association of HCMC in 2012


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He always has his talented and influential in skill of using color and strokes. Most of his works are used by mixing the contrast of cold tone of color in grey with warm tones or vibrant red with white pallet of color. These colors reflect his strongly passion throughout his art with depicts the beauty, spirits, characters of each personality in his paintings.


“I started painting large portraits in the recent period. The first picture is a portrait of a Mother for a joint exhibition in Vietnam, the image of her emotional for me for many years and I’m trying to find out what the most common, express strong feelings that the language of painting. Then, from the first picture I develop and draw a portrait based on careful observation of people I’ve ever seen where I live and go through.


In Vietnam, the society has been taking steps to change quickly after years of experiencing the difficulties of the war and after the war. It is the process of urbanization, decentralization rich and poor growing up accompanied by waves of people flock to the big cities, farmers left the countryside in search of a new life. They become a part where they go.


Living near and observation, deep into observing the lives of the farmers it helps me see from them many precious qualities worth, which is the sacrifice, patience and especially faith, hope for the future. I chose to paint a portrait of them expressed their sympathy.” Artist said.

2015 Participation at the “Art for Heart” Vietnamese Art Auction and Gala Diner in HCMC.
Participation at the Art Auction of Saigon Summer Ball in HCMC.
2013 Exhibition” Expression and Reflection” in Singapore organized by Galerie Nguyen.
2012 Group exhibition at the Museum in HCMC.
2011 Group exhibition at the Fine Art Museum in HCMC. Group exhibition with young artists in HCMC.
2010 Group exhibition at the Fine Art Association in HCMC.

Second Prize Painters young South Central region organized by the Fine Art Association of HCMC


150 x 200cm  – – Oil on canvas
2022 – Sold

Abstract 20
150 x 200cm – Oil on canvas
2022- Available

Abstract 25
130 x 160cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Available

Abstract 15
160 x 200cm – Oil on canvas
2018 – Available

150 x 200cm – Oil on canvas
2022 – Available

150 x 200cm – Oil on canvas
2022 – Sold

Man 9
120 x 120cm – Oil on canvas
2014 – Available

Xich Lo driver
120 x 120cm – Oil on canvas
2015 – Available