In 1999, just a few years after Vietnam’s relationship with the United States was stabilizing (1995) and the usage of the internet came to Vietnam (1997), foreign countries start to take notice of Vietnamese’s Fine Arts. Nguyen Thi Thu Suong started her business working with Vietnamese arts, being the founder of Ben Thanh Art Gallery.


Today, Ben Thanh Art Gallery’s customers not only originate in South East Asia but in many other parts of the world. Besides providing the finest masterpieces, Ben Thanh Art Gallery also consult, introduce, host conferences and develop Vietnamese Fine Arts for many individuals, organizations and museums.


One of Ben Thanh Art Gallery’s strengths was always Vietnamese contemporary art, working with over 100 well-known artists. Here we always have paintings created by the prime generations with big names such as Nguyen Trung, Tran Luu Hau, Ho Huu Thu, Dang Xuan Hoa, Bui Huu Hung, Dinh Quan, Hong Viet Dung,… and so on.


Another strength that Ben Thanh Art Gallery has lain in our massive collection, exhibiting paintings from artists of Indochine Arts, for instance, Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, Mai Trung Thu,… to artworks that only a few galleries possess which were collected in the war, propaganda, sketches of the war,… artworks that recall the wars. Here, we also were able to recover old maps, stamps, and pictures of old Vietnam. The representations of these collections act as the theme of Ben Thanh Art Gallery, and through here, collectors will be able to experience how Vietnamese art developed throughout history and to reach the current, more contemporary art.

Work title Young lady
Artist Nguyen Trung (1940)

Work title Self-portrait
Artist Dang Xuan Hoa (1959)

Work title Park
Artist Tran Luu Hau (1928)

Work title Reflection
Artist Hong Viet Dung (1962)

Founded in 1999, Ben Thanh Art Gallery quickly became a credible fine art gallery and was one of the few most known and largest scale in Vietnam.

If someone requests you to step into your collection storage and take out your most valuable pieces to decorate their luxurious and high-end space, it feels amazing. It’s amazing because you have been granted a responsibility, although difficult because you’re not always capable of providing so much. Although that is the case, Ben Thanh Art Gallery is perfectly capable of doing so because of their large collections.


Ben Thanh Art Gallery always find and effectively develop young Vietnamese artists, creating an appropriate environment for them to develop. They then receive chances to meet, show off their talent in a art revolving community both domestic and international through conferences, exhibitions as well as han ging their paintings at hotels and 5 star resorts.

Work title Portrait – Artist Pham Huy Thong (1981)

Work title Abstract – Artist Nguyen Hai Anh (1984)