1980 Born into a family of many artists, it is only natural that Tran Anh Huy followed the family’s tradition and developed an interest in fine arts at a very young age.

2007 Graduated from the Interior Decor Course at the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City.


He has for long produced paintings under the guidance of his own father – artist Tran Mau Loc.


Painting is the language Huy chooses to express his feelings and his emotions for what he sees around him; for him nothing works better. Landscape has always been a popular topic in arts, which many artists have attempted to describe and express. Huy feels this in his own way, through the lenses of his own mind, unique but not too distant or extreme. He does not see the noisy streets with people rushing through, no matter how excited that can be. What goes into his heart and out of his brush are the little corners whose beauty is romantically enhanced by shady trees and schoolgirls in ‘ao dai’, baskets of fresh flowers in the virgin morning, spots of sunlight dancing on the road, or common people living their normal working life… Huy is proud of his own homeland and his people, and this appreciation can be seen in the subtle beauty in his works.


Numerous of Tran Anh Huy’ works are collected by art collectors in Vietnam and oversea as in the United States of America, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore and in Vietnam (notably Indochine Palace Hue Hotel).

2010 Group exhibition in Singapore.
2013 Exhibition “Life, Colors and purity” in Singapore, organized by Galerie Nguyen.
2015 Participation at the “Art for Heart” Vietnamese Art Auction and Gala Diner in HCMC.


Flower market
120x 120cm – Oil on canvas
2020 – Sold

Lotus pond in autumn
120 x 120 cm – Oil on canvas
2021 – Sold

Ben Thanh market

120 x 120cm – Oil on canvas

2018 – Sold

Corner town
100 x 120cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Available

Le Cong Kieu street
100 x 120cm – Oil on canvas
2017 – Available

A weekend morning
80 x 100 cm – Oil on canvas
2020 – Sold

Purple flower season
120 x 120 cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Available

Lantern street
100 x 100cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Available

The market street after the rainning
150 x 200cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Available

Binh Tay market
120 x 140cm – Oil on canvas
2017 – Sold