This art exhibition presents pastel coloured on paper since 1975 organized by Viet Art Galerie have been hosted at Ion Art Gallery Singapore from the 4th of May to the 6th of May 2018, giving an idea of the history of Vietnam’s art.


This collection of pastel art has significant value considering the artistic value adding on to the context of Vietnamese artists standing up during the revolution. Even though that’s the case, these valuable artworks are slowly left behind in the past as their conditions aren’t the same and the people who drew them are probably all gone too. These artworks are now only found available in museums and hardworking collectors’ houses.


The collection brought to the exhibition is all from the CEO of Ben Thanh Art Gallery, collected from the year of 2003 until now. The first time, the original art posters by master artist before 1975s is already show to people who lovers art in the Singapore and given the meaning of the Viet Nam’s art history and more meaning about life and spirit of the Vietnam in the past.


The exhibition was able to gain the interest of 200 guests, some even bought them to keep it for themselves


The exhibition has definitely ended on a positive note for Singaporeans’ collectors and visitors. Viet Art Galerie is proud for being able to introduce such a valuable collection internationally so that Vietnamese art will be more and more noticed.