After two years of consulting and installing, Ben Thanh Art Gallery has completed the prominent project belonging Park Hyatt Saigon, from 2003 to 2005. This contemporary space has architecture inspired by that of the French Colonial period, engendering a sense of prosperity and warmth. This space has antique furniture, old maps, neo- classical deocrations, all of which are reminiscient of a time period filled with culture and unique characteristics of identity. Art’ Concept initiated a gold silver color palette, evocative of Vietnamese lacquer art. The different details merge together to complement one another and bring back a historical and grand environment.


Especially prominent is the collection of lacquer paintings by Do Xuan Doan (1937 – 2015), one of the most rare set of Vietnamese paintings on display here. Also, oil paintings by female artist Ha Huynh My showcased contribute to Xuan Spa’s relaxing ambience with fresh and light colors, the pinnacle of art.


In 2015, when Park Hyatt Saigon underwent a signficant remodelling of its interior, the hotel still maintained the same collection of art nevertheless. These artworks’ values have all increased as a result.


Walking through Luxurious Lobby, observing artworks tinged with time, one can feel the history as well as the present evoked by the art.