The Ho Tram Strip – a complex of five resorts covering over 400 hectares of land along the Ho Tram Beach that is longer than two kilometers.

Ho Tram Strip includes:

  • The Grand Ho Tram Strip – a complex of 1100 five-star hotel
  • The Bluffs – an international standard golf course designed by renowned golfer Greg
  • A second resort complex operated by Pinnacle Entertainment
  • 3 other five star

Because of the geography of this location, the work, entertainment industry, and the casino inside, guests at The Grand Ho Tram Strip do not want to focus on other things. But art is always a component needed in a place of sophistication and luxury, as it is not only a symbol of refinement but also a manifestation of blessings and luck.


Consulting art collections for such large spaces is not easy. We draw inspiration from the blue sky, sparkling sea, wind, and sand. But the artworks that Ben Thanh Art Gallery consult and bring to the project are unique and bold abstracts. The paintings are clear but are as if they possess no presence – they become a place to unwind, to find balance and make wise decisions. From the classic lacquer paintings to the bold and distinctive abstract pieces, viewers can observe the diverse range of artworks that Ben Thanh Art Gallery contributed to this space.