1962 Born in Hanoi. with his passion in art, Hong Viet Dung joined The Hanoi Industrial Collage of Fine Arts and graduated in 1984.


He is one of the very few young Vietnamese artists has works collected by Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and The Museums in overseas as Singapore, the United State of America….


His works also regularly sold at international auctions at Sotheby’s, Christies’ and others with high bid.


Specially, he is one of the proud of artist was selected to meet and sold his works to the Prince William of London.


Art collectors in Vietnam and oversea Singapore, Hong Kong, the United State of America, Japan, England, Canada, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, China collected his works as its value and special. He is very selected galleries to display his works and he is not an artist who paint a lots works..


He paints rarely and very selective works to send to art collectors as he always guarantee his art with quality and value for future and ever.

1988 Group exhibition, Young artist, USSR
1990 Group exhibition in Hanoi
1991 Group exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City
1993 Group exhibition in Hanoi
1994 Group exhibition in Hanoi
Group exhibition in Germany
Group exhibition in Great BritainGroup exhibition in Turkey Art centre, London, United Kingdom.
1995 Solo exhibition in Singapore
1996 Group exhibition in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan

Solo exhibition in Hanoi

Group exhibition, Vietnamese Young artists, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris, France

Group exhibition, Winding River – The Journey of Contemporary Art in Vietnam, Meridian International Centre, Washington D.C, U.S.A.

Participated in the Europ’ Art International Art fair in Geneva, Switzerland

Group exhibition, ASEASN Masterworks, Palace of the Golden Horses-Mines Resort, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Solo exhibition, Realm of Enchantment, Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong & Singapore

1998 Group exhibition in Ho Chi Minh city
1999 Group exhibition in Singapore, Australia
2000 Solo exhibition in Hong Kong and Great Britain
2001 Solo exhibition in U.S.A.
2008 Participated in Art Auction of Sotheby’s House in Hong Kong, and Christie House in Hong Kong
2009 Group exhibition at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon hotel organized by Ben Thanh Art & Frame and Galerie Nguyen
2013 Exhibition “Expression and Reflection” in Singapore, organized by Galerie Nguyen.

Numerous of his works are collected by The Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam, Singapore Art Museum and art collectors oversea as France , Singapore , England , USA , Belgium , Japan , Australia , Hong Kong , Switzerland , Canada, Great Britain, Malaysia


A monk
155 x 135cm – Oil on canvas
2014 – Sold

Young lady with bird
100 x 100 cm – Lacquer on wood
2019 – Sold

Young lady with a fan
100 x 100cm – Oil on canvas
2018 – Sold

Hoan Kiem lake
135 x 155 cm – Oil on canvas
2022 – Sold

Way home 7
110 x 210cm – Oil on canvas
2018 – Sold

Water fall
110 x 210cm – Oil on canvas
2017 – Sold