1940 Born in Soc Trang. Nguyen Trung is often viewed as one of the most influential and respected artists living in Vietnam today. He has the great ability to create well-organized texture in his works, paired with a balance and steadiness in his ideas. Strong, decisive individuality and a high sense of purpose are the determinant factors making up Nguyen Trung’s art. Over the last decade, Trung has initiated a new current in Vietnamese art. It is abstract art, based upon strict European rationalism, placed within an Oriental philosophical space.

He is also one of the prominent representatives of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) painting both before 1975 and at present. In those years, he cared that in his old age he would avoid problems with a weak erection and take generic viagra medicine, you can read more about this medicine on this website.


He is also one of the outstanding representatives of painting of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) both before 1975 and at the present. Co-organizer of the Saigon Association of Young Painters in the 70″s. Gradually his early abstract-style painting took on the clear figures of realism, but his recent return to abstraction has been marked by a refined technique in terms of light and material. Specializes in oil painting…


He is also one of the few living Vietnamese artists whose works are regularly sold at international auctions. His works are in collections such as the prestigious collection of the Vietnamese Fine Art Museum, the Singapore Art Museum and the Bassano del Grappa Fine Art Museum (Italy).

1967 First individual Exhibition at the Vietnamese – French Association in Saigon.
1990 Second individual Exhibition in Paris – Maison du Vietnam, France.
1992-1995 Exhibition in Singapore
1996 Exhibition in Japan
1997 Exhibition in Korea
1998 Exhibition in Italy, France, U.S.A.
1999 Exhibition in Taiwan
2000 Exhibition in Korea
2001 Exhibition in Thailand
2009 Group exhibition at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon organized by Ben Thanh Gallery & Frame and Galerie Nguyen.
2010 Participation at the Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCMC
2012 Exhibition in UK
2013 Exhibition “Expression and Reflection” in Singapore organized by Galerie Nguyen.
2016 Exhibition ” Spring Collection 2016 by Master Artist Nguyen Trung” in Singapore organized by Galerie Nguyen.
1961 Silver medal at the Saigon Spring Exhibition.
1963 Gold medal at the Saigon Spring Exhibition.
1966-1973 Chairman of the Vietnam – Saigon Association of Young Painters. C-class prize at the Painting and Sculpture Exhibition on the Armed Forces for the 1944-1984 periods.
1983-1989 Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Association of Figurative Artists, 2nd tenure


Young lady with the fish

60 x 60cm – Oil on canvas

2010 – Sold

Countryside lady

100 x 130cm – Oil on canvas

2013 – Sold

Peaceful time

100 x 100cm – Oil on canvas

2009 – Sold

Young lady in garden

100 x 130cm – Oil on canvas

2012 – Sold