Quan Tho said, “Life itself has pushed me to art field and certainly art has become the best friend in my life when I were a child.”


Quan Tho painter spent his childhood years in the orphanage hospital Domain de Marie Church (Dalat) years 1951. In his subconscious, this is always a really special place and meaning, a place of beauty, through the hills of the majority, of the romantic lake peaceful, quiet of the roofs reflects in the deserted streets … The picture that evokes passion and love for the beauty of a boy at that time the Quan Tho and urge him to show that love drawing to impress his words. Also from this orphanage, which Quan Tho has a chance to contact with art, fine art world through the paintings of the artist as master of the world Monet, Paul Cezanne, Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Hais Hoofman … Since 1972, Quan Tho began to participate in art exhibitions in Dalat, Vietnam, Hanoi … and in Taiwan, London (England)


People can see in Quan Tho paintings the natural landscape with “romantic reflection of river”, “quite boats”, “a fisherman” “summer”, “spring”, “Fall” in fluent brush with the dance of color, vibrant tone but smooth brushes … but sometimes the opposite, as concerns communicated to the people as his life with the desire, love, dance all crazy, from there, value works from Quan Tho were born. Each painting from him is a story which he would like to send into and want all world knows about it. Painters Quan Tho shares: “For me, life is wonderful, it is important that each person felt about how the life is and I’m always honest with my work, with my thoughts, alone in the life of me, always gives me inspiration in art. I just hope that once I died, my works will remain, and hope that art lovers will always remember me!


From 1991 to now, the numbers of Quan Tho works together with his unique style went all over the world, from personal collections, to the galleries in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, USA, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand … and his work presents in five stars hotel as Caravelle Saigon Hotel, Intercontinental Asiana Saigon hotel, Indochine Palace Hue hotel.

1972 Exhibition together with La San Adran Priest in Dalat.
1985 Exhibition with Young Artists Group (HCMC)
1986 Exhibition with Painter Thuan Ho.
1987 Individual Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh
1988 Individual exhibition in Hanoi
1989 Exhibition with Water Color Group.
1990-1992 Exhibition together with different painters at Fine Arts Association.
1992 Individual Exhibition in Taiwan
1993-1994 Exhibition in London
1996 Exhibition in London
1997 Exhibition in London
2003 Participation in Art Auction of Operation Smile at New World Hotel, HCMC
“Vietnam Soul” Exhibition at Equatorial Hotel organized by Ben Thanh Art & Frame
2005 Participation in “Fine Art Auction” organized by Ben Thanh Art & Frame and STCC
2006 Participation in Art Auction of Operation Smile HCMC
2007 Participation in Art Auction of Operation Smile HCMC
2009 Exhibition at An An Gallery, HCMC
Group exhibition at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon
2010 Participation in Art Auction of Operation Smile HCMC
2013 Participation at the Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCMC
2015 Participation at the “Art for Heart” Vietnamese Art Auction and Gala Diner in HCMC.


Spring market 2
150 x 150 cm – Oil on canvas
2015 – Sold

120 x 120cm – Oil on canvas
2012 – Available

100 x 150 cm – Oil on canvas
2015 – Sold

The dance 4
120 x 120 cm – Oil on canvas
2016 – Sold

60 x 60cm – Oil on canvas
2019 – Available

The dance 3
200 x 250cm – Oil on canvas
2016 – Available